We are excited by the curiosity and thirst for learning that each child, regardless of their academic ability is actively taught to ‘own’ their learning because all our teachers plan their lessons using three strands – Discovering, Applying and Communicating. This encourages our children to use what they have learnt, to create their own ideas which are then communicated to their peers.  The end result is the celebration of learning – a reward in its own right.

Management Message

Dr P Ramachandran - Correspondent

I would be absolutely delighted to welcome you all to our very special school. 

With our family at its heart, and with the support of highly talented, caring and imaginative team of staffs, our ethos is very simple: to provide a quality, ambitious and innovative education for children.

My commitment at Park Public School is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers and life long learners. We inspire learners to be prepared for the 21st century environment by setting up high standards and expectations for each student in regard to their academic performance & co-curricular participation.

Most important to me, is the happiness of each child. We believe that happy children’s always succeed, and I place the relationships between staff, children and parents at the fore-front of my ethos for education. I am very proud to lead a team who care deeply about children and have a commitment to find each students strengths and develop their self-esteem.

“Across the school, we provide a caring environment which is enabling children’s to feel safe and secure.”

Principal Message

Mr Shanmugam- Principal

Welcome to Park Public School, where we prepare our boys and girls for life in its fullest sense. Our goal is to bring out the best in each student by recognizing, motivating, encouraging and developing their unique skills. We always treat our students as individuals who think for themselves, with their own aspirations, potential and talents.

Aiming high and ambitious in everything we do, our belief is to offer a strong and quality academic standards for our children. Within very small class size of 20:1 ratio, we encourage our students to set the bar high to realize their ambitions. In the Lower Grades (Years 3-6), we emphasis on raising the children’s literacy and numeracy levels, and through our phonics, reading and maths programmes, we build solid foundations for the children. We are a school with learning at our heart, both inside the classroom and out.

We offer unrivalled opportunities for sport, music, drama and art, and also have a large programme of co-curricular activities. The primary goals of childhood are to grow, learn and play. Through play, children develop physical coordination, emotional maturity, social skills to interact with other children and self-confidence to try new experiences and explore new environments.

We also seek to develop positive relationships with our parents, who work alongside to support the school's vision.

I very much look forward to welcoming you here to meet me, the staff and most importantly the children who make this school a special community.